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Governance and Board Structure

Equinix is governed by a single-tier Board of Directors.

Board of Directors and Governance Information

as of December 31, 2020


Size of Board at Equinix


Number of Independent Directors


Women on the Board
(3 out of 10)

1 Year



ESG Oversight


Board Meetings in 2019


Average Individual Director attendance at Board and applicable Committee meetings


Separate Chair and CEO


Proxy Access


Code of Business Conduct for Directors and Exec officers


voting in favor of 2020 Say-on-Pay Advisory vote*


Proxy Access


Standing Board

Current as of 12/31/2020 unless otherwise noted. *Standing Board Committees also include Audit, Compensation, Finance, Governance, Nominating, Real Estate, Stock Award

Board Diversity

In line with our corporate commitment to foster diversity, inclusion and belonging, the Equinix Board understands the importance and value of diversity in its membership. When selecting new members for the Board, the Equinix, Inc. Guidelines on Significant Corporate Governance Issues (the “Corporate Governance Guidelines”) and the Nominating Committee Charter require the Nominating Committee to ensure qualified women and individuals from minority groups are included in the pool from which the Board nominees are chosen. We require any third-party consultant asked to furnish an initial list of candidates to follow the same requirements. In October 2019 and January 2020, Equinix welcomed two women members to our Board of Directors – bringing the total number of women to three out of the ten-member board as of December 31, 2020. As of December 31, 2020 Equinix was in compliance with all applicable board and governance laws and regulations including those related to board diversity. For more details see our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Board ESG Oversight

Equinix’s Board of Directors’ Governance Committee is responsible for overseeing our ESG strategy and performance. The Governance Committee receives updates from the Sustainability Executive Steering Committee on an annual basis and more frequently as needed. As of December 31, 2020, the management’s Sustainability Executive Steering Committee was comprised of Equinix’s Executive Chairman, President and CEO, CFO, CLO and CHRO, and EVP Global Operations. More information can be found in the Sustainability Governance section.

Compliance Governance

Equinix maintains compliance with all local, state, federal and international laws and regulations in the regions in which we operate. The VP, Legal and Chief Compliance Officer leads the implementation and execution of matters related to ethics and compliance and reports directly to the Chief Legal and Human Resources Officer. Our emphasis on compliance and our governance structure enable us to continue operating with integrity. Equinix also maintains a Privacy Office led by the company’s SVP, Legal, Corporate and Chief Privacy Officer which oversees the company’s response to evolving privacy laws and applicable regulations.

Uncompromising Integrity

Leading with integrity is core to our business operations.