Climate Targets and Carbon Reduction

Our Strategy

Equinix is committed to addressing the urgency of global climate change within its operations, its value chain and the broader industry. In 2015, we signed the American Business Act on Climate Pledge voicing our commitment to the aims of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C. In the past year, we have demonstrated our commitment to action through a range of initiatives including target setting, leveraging green finance and continuing to prioritize transparency around the impacts of our business.

Science Based Targets and Climate Neutral

Though we established our 100% renewable energy target in 2015, we believe that science-based emissions reduction targets are the truest indicator of our alignment
with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Working across our business, we conducted an exhaustive review of our emissions across all areas of direct, indirect and value chain sources, in addition to developing long-term forecasts and feasibility options for emissions reductions.

We are proud to announce that Equinix has set ambitious climate targets that will demonstrate our leadership to our stakeholders – our investors, our customers, regulators, our communities and our employees – and propel our business towards a clean energy future.

EU Climate Neutral Data Center Operator Pact

Equinix joined data center operators and trade associations in committing to goals of the European Green Deal to achieve ambitious greenhouse gas reductions across the sector. The EU plans to use regulation to deliver on its goal to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050 and placed data centers at the forefront of this strategy.

In January 2021, the Climate Neutral Data Centre Operator Pact and Self-Regulatory Initiative was formalized and signed by Equinix as well as 31 (as of March 2021) other operators and 20 trade associations. Equinix and other operator signatories commit to measurable and ambitious targets set for 2025 and 2030 across key areas of:

  • Improving the efficiency of energy use.
  • Purchasing 100% carbon-free energy.
  • Water conservation through the selection of efficient and appropriate cooling solutions.
  • Reuse, repair and recycling of servers, electrical equipment and other related electrical components.
  • Reusing data center heat where practical, environmentally sound and cost-effective.

Metrics and Progress

Equinix’s growing share of renewable energy across its global portfolio has resulted in a significant reduction in our annual disclosed carbon emissions. When computed using The Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s Scope 2 Market-based Guidance, our emissions fell 50% since 2015 on an absolute mtCO2e basis, even as our overall data center energy footprint and consumption has nearly doubled.

Equinix Carbon Footprint Summary

Scope 1 55,100 metric tons CO2e
Scope 2 (location-based) 2,280,200 metric tons CO2e
Scope 2 (market-based) 327,800 metric tons CO2e
Scope 3 1,633,000 metric tons CO2e*

Includes Scope 3 emission categories of: Purchased Goods and Services, Capital Goods, Fuel and Energy Related Activities, Waste Generated in Operations, Business Travel and Employee Commuting.

Carbon Trends

Our Renewable Energy Progress

Equinix has a long-term goal to use 100% clean and renewable energy