Our Environmental Commitments

Our environmental efforts deliver meaningful and measurable progress against sustainability goals that positively impact our customers, partners, investors and employees. We also understand the urgency of global climate change as a threat and risk to not only our business but the entire world. Our commitments include:

  • Reaching our long-term goal of 100% clean and renewable energy across our global portfolio
  • Deploying best-in-class data center energy efficiency technologies and innovations for the reduction of energy consumption around the world including retrofits, new-builds and working with landlords where possible
  • Responding to the threat of global climate change and uncertain regulatory paradigms by managing our global carbon footprint across direct (Scope 1), indirect energy (Scope 2), and indirect value chain (Scope 3) emissions
  • Accepting responsibility for our proportional share of GHG emissions and the need for urgent reduction
  • Building and maintaining healthy sustainable office settings to promote responsible living across our office portfolio

Green Bonds

Expanding Equinix’s Commitment to Sustainability



As part of our ongoing commitments towards sustainability, we have issued nearly $3 billion in green bonds since FY20. Our Green Finance Framework, based on the Green Bond Principles 2018 and the Green Loan Principles 2020, is a voluntary set of guidelines promoting transparency, integrity, and advancement of the standardization of disclosures in the development of green debt. A Second-Party Opinion on the environmental benefits of Equinix’s Green Finance Framework and alignment with the Green Bond Principles has been issued by Sustainalytics, a leading global provider of ESG research, ratings, and data.

As we expand our global sustainability initiatives in support of our mission to design, build and operate a more sustainable digital world, these investments will help to propel our programs across multiple areas of innovation including green buildings, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste reduction, and clean transportation.

Download the Equinix Green Finance Framework

Download the Sustainalytics Second-Party Opinion


CFO Leadership

We’re proud to be founding members of the US chapter of The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) CFO Leadership Network. As of this August 2019 report, the Network currently comprises eight CFOs from large businesses, with total combined assets of over $226 billion. A4S will join with other leading frameworks and organizations to press for rapid business integration of development of solutions to the social and environmental challenges posed by global climate change among other environmental and social issues. As part of this initiative, Equinix supports the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures and plans to assess climate-related risks as part of its evolution of sustainability efforts.


Customer Focus


Equinix helps its customers quantify the environmental benefits of collocating within Equinix IBX data centers. We support energy, renewable energy and carbon calculations of our customers’ Equinix portfolios. In 2019, we developed customized Attestation Statements based on the principles of The Greenhouse Gas Protocol to enable customers to quantify greenhouse gas avoidance and renewable energy coverage. Visit the Customer Focus section to learn about some of our customers currently using our documentation in their sustainability reporting efforts.

Measurement & Transparency

We support measurement, reporting and transparency around the impact of our operations. We respond to numerous voluntary environmental and ESG surveys throughout the year. This sustainability report is GRI-aligned. We have responded to the CDP Climate Change Survey every year since 2015. And our energy and greenhouse gas data are third-party verified each year to ISO 14064 limited assurance standards.

CDP Climate Change Survey


Renewable Energy

In April of 2015, Equinix set a long-term goal to use 100% clean and renewable energy for our global interconnection and data center platform. Since 2015, we’ve made significant progress toward our goal.