Energy and Renewables

On April 22, 2015, Equinix set a long-term goal to reach 100% clean and renewable energy across our global interconnection and data center platform. That year we joined RE100 and set an intermediate goal of reaching 50% by the end of 2017 – a goal that we reached one year early when we hit 56% renewable at the end of 2016.

Energy Priorities2

Our Renewable Energy Priorities

We have a long-term goal of using 100% clean and renewable energy for our global platform. To support this goal, we have identified four principles to help us guide our renewable energy purchasing decisions:

  • Utilize renewable and low carbon energy
  • Source local sources of renewable energy where possible
  • Seek new or recently built generation sources
  • Advocate for favorable renewable energy policies and consider renewable energy availability when locating new data centers
Energy Priorities2


In 2018, Equinix purchased 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy products for every 1 MWh consumed in all our U.S. data centers; effectively covering 100% of our U.S. load with renewable energy for the first time ever. In total, we did this for over 90% of our worldwide energy consumption in 2018.

In 2018, we procured electricity from renewable energy sources in all three regions of the world that we operate in. We secured renewable energy through a variety of projects and products. Our renewable energy comes from:

  • Wind farms in Oklahoma and Texas and local clean energy or low carbon programs in the U.S. and Brazil
  • Certified green power from our suppliers in Europe
  • International certificates from renewable energy projects in China, Japan and Vietnam

Renewable Energy by Region

Global Electricity Mix

In 2018, Equinix consumed nearly 5,200 GWh of electricity in its data centers. This includes both overhead infrastructure usage as well as customer IT load. Of this total, 4,725 GWh was from renewable energy generation sources. 38% was from green power provided by our suppliers, 43% was from renewable energy certificates and 20% was from virtual power purchase agreements for wind power in the U.S. Year over year, Equinix increased its procurement of renewables by 35% on a GWh-basis.

Equinix uses the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to compute its carbon footprint. associated with its value chain. Equinix’s energy and renewable energy consumption, Scope 1, Scope 2 and most of its Scope 3 emissions are assured to ISO 14064-3:2006 Standards for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

Leadership and Collaboration

At Equinix, we are also helping others learn more about how to purchase renewable energy and we advocate for bringing more renewables on the grid for all customers and consumers of electricity.

Equinix is a founding member and sits on the Board of Directors of the Renewable Energy Buyer’s Alliance (REBA), an alliance of large clean energy buyers, developers and service providers working to move markets toward a renewable energy future. REBA sponsors periodic boot camps and biannual meetings for buyers to learn about strategies for purchasing renewable energy.


Equinix has also received recent recognition from other organizations for our leadership in the clean energy space.


“With REBA, we are bringing the buying power of large energy consumers together to change markets. Equinix was one of our earliest members and the first in their industry to publicly commit to a 100% renewable energy goal. Equinix has gone beyond their own footprint to serve as true leaders in the clean energy buyer community, and their expertise is helping us move the needle to a cleaner, more affordable, zero-carbon energy future.”

– Miranda Ballentine, REBA CEO April 2019

Carbon Reduction

Our efforts to reduce energy usage and increase renewable energy purchasing result in significant carbon reductions.