Leading with Purpose.
Acting with Integrity.

Our Corporate Responsibility

As a global leader in digital infrastructure, the Equinix Board of Directors is focused on maintaining the
trust of our stakeholders to underpin our success and longevity. We have a clear expectation of integrity
and ethics to which every member of our company is held accountable. Our approach to governance
provides the framework for all our operations and external engagements.

Our Governance Commitments

  • Conduct our business with honesty, integrity, transparency and the highest standards of excellence to inspire trust in our stakeholders.
  • Drive global responsibility through a foundation of unwavering values and ethical practices.
  • Advance progress on key public policy priorities through transparent public engagement conducted with integrity.

Governance Statement

Good corporate governance—from strong management leadership and oversight to advocacy and collaboration—is not just a competitive advantage. It is a key driver of Equinix’s culture of trust—one that is built with our customers, suppliers, and employees. Our foundation of strong corporate values and ethical business practices make it easy for Equinix to do what’s right to lead the way with purpose and integrity. We are focused on delivering superior results with the highest standards of excellence and are actively advocating for a sustainable and inclusive future.

Performance Highlights

Decade of

Employee completion of Ethics and Compliance trainings


of Asia-Pacific Data Center Association, the first-of-its-kind trade association in the region

CDP Supplier

For the third consecutive year

index Trendsetter

Recognizing for our political transparency with an increase in our score year over year


Equinix leaders serving as board members or chairs for data center industry associations

Supply Chain Facing
Human Rights
Impact Assessment

Conducted our first triennial assessment to identify and understand inherent risks across our supply chain

CSO50 Award

Recognized for creating a Security-as-Code Model by CSO, the leading source for news, analysis, and research on security and risk management

Equinix Shared

Established the model dividing privacy responsibilities between customers and Equinix


Tied short-term incentive performance metrics for VP-level and above to environment and social progress