Supplier Sustainability

Cultivating a responsible, inclusive and reliable supply chain is a priority for Equinix. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of behavior and expect our suppliers to act in a way that inspires confidence and trust. We are uniquely positioned to share knowledge with our suppliers, focusing on science-based target setting and diversity, inclusion and belonging.

In 2021, we further demonstrated our commitment to progress by hiring a Supplier Sustainability and Diversity lead. This role collaborates with the Sustainability Program Office and with senior level leaders in Operations and Procurement to further embed sustainability work across the organization while bringing together internal stakeholders.

We are eager to deepen engagement with our critical suppliers as we ensure that they are aligned with our core environmental, social, and governance values. Through this engagement, we are confident that we can continue to build trust with our suppliers and run a world class supply chain.

Helping our Suppliers meet our Scope 3 Science-Based Target goal

We are proud of our ambitious climate targets that demonstrate our commitment to climate action to our stakeholders – our investors, our customers, regulators, our communities, and our employees – and propel our business towards a low carbon future. Equinix’s Science-Based Targets include engaging our suppliers to set their own corporate level emissions reduction targets.

Our Supply Chain Science-Based Target
Aligned with 1.5 C global warming scenario: Equinix will engage 66% of its suppliers by emissions within the categories of Purchased Goods and Services and Capital Goods to set their own science-based targets by 2025.

We have conducted a baseline assessment and are taking a data driven approach to developing our supplier engagement strategy. This target comes with many challenges, including coordinating engagement with groups of suppliers that have not previously been engaged on sustainability topics.

We will use established tools and training materials from leading NGO’s, such as supplier engagement materials from CDP Supply Chain WRI, the UN, and SBTi to help our suppliers along their journey in setting science-based targets. Our SBT included suppliers will be invited to report through the CDP, and we will use our third-party portal to collect all supplier data. We have also enhanced our RFP and business award process to reflect (and reward) supplier ESG performance.

Supplier Diversity

Equinix is dedicated to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and that includes our Supply Chain. Our 2021 baseline assessment reviewed our current supply chain performance and is taking a data driven approach to broadening our social impact by continuing to make DIB one of our Supplier ESG performance dimensions.

In addition to CEO Action! And Disability, in 2021, Equinix joined two organizations that will further our Supplier Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging progress:

  • National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC;
  • Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (WRMSDC;

How we Engage our Suppliers

All new suppliers must acknowledge receipt of, and abide by, our Business Partner Code of Conduct, which outlines our environmental, social and governance expectations for suppliers.

Our supplier portal is the digital infrastructure for Equinix and our Suppliers. This important foundation is the platform where Equinix and its suppliers come together.

Risk Management

Minimizing impacts of unexpected events through defined corporate guidelines and best practices.