Map of Initiatives

The following interactive map highlights sustainability at our Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) locations globally. You can also download our IBX Sustainability Quick Reference Guide.

Initiative Progress

Map Legend/Glossary:

GoOs = Guarantees of Origin
GP = Green Power provided through supplier
IRECs = International Renewable Energy Certificates
J-credits = Japanese Emissions Reductions Credits
PPA = Power Purchase Agreement
RECs = Renewable Energy Certificates
REGOs = Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin
ATES = Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
CAC = Cold Aisle Containment
EV = Electric Vehicle Chargers
HAC = Hot Aisle Containment
IDEC = Indirect Evaporative Cooling
GTC = Granular Temperature Control
LC = Optimized Lighting Controls
RR = Reflective roof

* Indicates reseller site
x Indicates xScale site