Map of Initiatives

The following interactive map highlights sustainability at our Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) locations globally.

You can also download our IBX Sustainability Quick Reference Guide.

Map Legend/Glossary:
GoOs = Guarantees of Origin
GP = Green Power provided through supplier
IRECs = International Renewable Energy Certificates
J-credits = Japanese Emissions Reductions Credits
PPA = Power Purchase Agreement
RECs = Renewable Energy Certificates
REGOs = Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin
ATES = Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
CAC = Cold Aisle Containment
EV = Electric Vehicle Chargers
HAC = Hot Aisle Containment
IDEC = Indirect Evaporative Cooling
GTC = Granular Temperature Control
LC = Optimized Lighting Controls
RR = Reflective roof

* Indicates reseller site
x Indicates xScale site