At Equinix, we are about building connections. Just as we empower our customers to connect to everything and everyone that matters to them, we are connecting our employees and communities to the best opportunities the digital world has to offer. We are investing in the employee experience with a focus on attracting, inspiring and developing a diverse global workforce. We are also connecting the communities we inhabit to the advantages of a digital world and finding ways to be a good neighbor by recognizing that our business can inspire opportunities in the communities we serve.

Our Social Commitments

Equinix aspires to be a place where everyone can say “I’m safe, I belong, I matter.” We are on a journey to embed diversity, inclusion and belonging in all our business activities. We believe that is important for us to measure and monitor these commitments to identify where bias and barriers may exist—and take actions for improvement.

  • Connecting our employees to the best opportunities the digital world has to offer by supporting them in growing and excelling in their careers while bringing their whole selves to work:
    • Embedding diversity, inclusion and belonging in all our business activities and empowering leaders at all levels to create the best teams where employees are doing the best work of their lives
    • Creating new channels and on-ramps to connect underrepresented communities to meaningful opportunities at Equinix
    • Bringing consistency to global benefits and standards that impact the health, safety and environments of our workers
  • Connecting the communities we inhabit to the advantages of a digital world by using our resources, knowledge and passion to make a positive social and economic impact:
    • Building an environment and culture where every employee can confidently say “I’m safe, I belong, and I matter” each and every day

Key Social Metrics

EWLN Growth

Grew the Equinix Women Leaders Network (EWLN) to over 1,900 members, quadrupling in size since 2017, and held 137 events globally.

Expanded Benefits

Expanded benefits including parental leave (2018), comprehensive IVF coverage and gender reassignment in the U.S. (2019).

Women Leaders

1 in 4 Equinix leaders are women.

Charitable Contributions

US$1.3 million contributed to >1,100 global charities in 2019.

Employee Well-being

11% of employees participated in activities related to well-being, such as mental health awareness, yoga and meditation.

Equinix Impact

33% of employees volunteered time or gave money through Equinix Impact – a 4% increase over 2018.


Doubled the size of Equinix’s DIB Allies Council which is comprised of senior leaders who advocate for underrepresented communities.

PrideConnect Launch

Launched PrideConnect, an employee network supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

I’m safe.

Our global programs strive to ensure our people have the resources they need to be safe at work and empower them to care for their well-being—in mind and in body.

I belong.

It is important for everyone at Equinix to know that they belong, they are part of a bigger purpose, valued for their unique contributions and proud to work at Equinix. We are continually looking to extend and deepen our culture of inclusivity and belonging.

I matter.

At Equinix our people are our greatest asset. We want our employees to build meaningful careers where they can do the best work of their lives, with the best teams of their lives.