I Matter

Meaningful Work and Career Development

The “Discover Equinix” onboarding program quickly enables new members to positively contribute and feel like they are part of the team. Employees are also empowered to design their ongoing career development with resources from “Career Pathways.”

Discover Equinix provides an immersion into the Magic of Equinix and our business. Designed for new employees, this onboarding experience provides the tools and resources required to understand our core strategy and enables them to make a difference. Discover Equinix offers a collection of fun and engaging activities that suits various learning styles, including multimedia resources, opportunities to network and build employee relationships, and self-learning and personal reflection experiences. The platform integrates with local onboarding programs to provide new employees with a seamless journey into local and global teams. In 2019, we made strides to ensure that Discover Equinix is available across the globe and in local languages.

We strive to create a collaborative environment where employees can pursue clear goals and meaningful growth opportunities, aligned with the needs of our business. To help employees explore different Career Pathways at Equinix, we have invested in tools to increase the consistency, clarity and visibility of the various career options available across the company. The Equinix Global Career Framework creates consistency in job levels for Equinix jobs around the world. Career Pathways Guides give a transparent view of all jobs at Equinix that employees can use to further explore potential career moves and identify the areas of growth and learning needed for their next step. Each job family has a Career Pathways Visual that identifies other job families that can be pursued across the company that require similar skillsets, further experience and the development of significantly new skills. With these tools, employees are empowered to continue advancing in their career.

The “Managing the Equinix Way” and “Management DNA” series give our managers the tools to effectively hire, onboard, manage, develop and engage their talent. Nearly 50% of managers completed one of these offerings in 2019.

In addition, directors and senior directors aspiring to senior leadership roles in the company have the opportunity to participate in the Archimedes Leadership Development Program. The program is designed to give leaders the chance to solve real Equinix business challenges, gain significant exposure to Equinix executive leaders, learn the Equinix business model and identify ways to grow their careers at Equinix. In 2019, several updates were implemented to improve the selection process to promote more rigor and consistency in the evaluation process. As a result, 2019 has seen the most diverse set of associates in the program, creating a more diverse, rich and valuable experience for all participants.

Equinix facilitates Quarterly Conversations for managing performance. In 2019, we revamped our resources to support people in having discussions around goals, development, relationships and mentoring.

Our Talent Review Process also takes stock of our leaders to see how they are performing and gives leadership an opportunity to discuss and align on development needs across the business. We also made modifications to our process to ensure that conversations with executives are focused on enabling leaders to be prepared for the next level of responsibility. We now hold two meetings per year, one in January and one in August, to help shift mindsets and thinking around how to address and assess talent. “Based on anecdotal feedback from attendees, they felt the conversations in 2019 were the most effective they’ve had on the topic,” said Michelle Johns, Talent Management Senior Manager.

In addition to these offerings, Equinix brokers coaching services for leaders to accelerate their impact. Leaders work with certified coaches to define and work on highly personalized development plans through a structured process of discovery, reflection, learning and growth.

Blending Life and Work at Equinix

Part of creating a workplace where employees can say “I matter” is providing the opportunity to blend their family and personal lives with their growing careers at Equinix. To enable our employees to be their best selves at work, we provide resources for a meaningful and fulfilling personal life.

Expanded Paid Parental Leave

We recognize that having time to adjust and bond with the newest member of the family is so important, and a truly special time for parents. This is why Equinix provides the opportunity for our employees who become parents to spend this valuable time with their family.

Equinix has a paid time off policy of eight weeks for U.S.-based employees. This policy provides both mothers and fathers to bond with their newborn, newly adopted child or new child through foster care placement.

In 2019, we enhanced parental support in Hong Kong by increasing paternity leave from three to five days and maternity leave from 10 weeks to 14 weeks.

Flexible Benefits Spending Program

In the UK, we offer an online flexible benefits portal where employees can review and choose their employee benefits, view a total reward statement (that shows the financial value of their overall reward package) and select coverage to fit their individual needs. Everything from critical illness insurance to a gym membership to entertainment passes are available to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.

Preventive Health

In Singapore, we expanded preventive healthcare by covering the cost of vaccinations and immunizations. This coverage is important to protect our employees and their families from severe health risks.

Employee Assistance Program

In 2019, we launched a global Employee Assistance Program to ensure all our global employees have access to resources including wellbeing support, financial guidance and mental health counseling in times of need. We made significant strides to raise awareness and promote the importance of mental health in a series of webinars.

We also expanded our Employee Assistance Program into Asia-Pacific to promote the importance of health and well-being to our employees and their family members. And we hosted a series of webinars in the region to highlight the importance of mental health.

Purpose and Impact: Supporting Employees in Making a Difference and Investing in Long-term Partnerships for Maximum Impact

We want our employees to feel that what they are passionate about matters at Equinix. Our Equinix Impact program has matured through the years to enable co-creative opportunities for employees to give back to their communities with the support of Equinix. This builds a deep sense of connection and belonging among employees and promotes engagement and retention – when employees feel they are valued, they are more likely to be positively engaged with their employers.

In 2019, employees around the world continued to support Equinix’s efforts to Be Well, Do Good and Stay Connected in the communities where we live and operate. As a part of the Equinix Impact program, a total of 2,354 employees volunteered 13,815 hours in more than 150 service events, from building bikes and skateboards for kids in Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles to donating blood in Madrid and working to solve the food waste challenge in Singapore. Through the Equinix matching gifts and grants program, employees and Equinix donated a combined total of $1.3M and supported 1,150 charities in 26 countries. Equinix Impact is a grassroots movement that empowers our employees to wholeheartedly connect to a purpose through service, well-being and creativity.

Building up a community in Shanghai

As part of our annual Equinix Impact Month, employees in Shanghai have been partnering since 2016 with a rural school about 150 miles outside of the city, which has a great need for supplies and facilities.

Students at the school live away from their parents on a small monthly living expense, most in houses without electricity. Wen Qin, Standards Advisor for IBX Operations in Shanghai was one of the volunteers who traveled to the school. “It’s hard to describe my mood after I came back from the rural school,” Wen said. “We had fun playing games with the children, but we all left in a heavy mood after seeing the conditions the children live in, without furniture or electricity.”

Despite these conditions, employees were struck by the thoughtfulness of the students – and the dire situation of the students and their families. “When we had a box lunch with the children, one little boy only ate his vegetables and rice, and kept the meat in his schoolbag, saying ‘I want to take it home to my brother and sister,’” said Wen.

The team of volunteers has returned every year to build a sanitation system, donate books and stationery, organize games, and renovate the students’ living spaces.

In 2018, volunteers used their matching dollars to set up a scholarship fund for 32 students and build a small library that was finished in 2019.

In total, since 2016, Equinix has donated more than $60,000 to the school.

Equinix volunteers have been deeply affected by the experience. One wrote, “It enriches our employees’ spirits and makes us find more meaning in working at Equinix. It realizes the dreams of many lovely children and lights up our hearts.”

The employee continued to say, “We want to continue the support to the children and their school, in hopes of warming their hearts and make a little difference to their lives.”

Expanding Connections Through Summer Search

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Seattle, Summer Search gives young people, who are facing systemic barriers to post-secondary education and workforce participation, the opportunity to strengthen the skills needed to succeed through mentoring and transformative experiences.

Since its founding, the organization has served more than 7,000 young people, with 97% of participants going on to attend college. Students who participate in Summer Search programs are three times more likely to graduate.

Summer Search has been one of Equinix’s nonprofit partners for the last several years, thanks in large part to one employee who participated in Summer Search programs as a teen and his colleagues in the New York executive office. When Equinix’s New York office hired an intern through Summer Search, this employee’s experience came full circle. “I know from experience it’s tough to get an internship unless you know people. My parents didn’t really have a network I could lean on, so getting that first internship through Summer Search was important. Working with a Summer Search intern felt like being able to give someone else the same opportunity I was given.”

Through career days, site tours, and fundraising events, we’ve been able to provide ongoing support for the organization’s efforts to empower the next generation. Since 2015, Equinix has contributed $67,295 to Summer Search via employee and corporate donations.

Rising up Against Hunger

Since 2015, Equinix Impact has partnered with Rise Against Hunger to support the organization’s efforts to make an impact on hunger by building resilience, self-sufficiency and empowerment in communities worldwide. By organizing large-scale volunteer events, we’ve been able to harness the energy and enthusiasm of Equinix volunteers to package hundreds of thousands of high-nutrition meals for families in need in El Salvador, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Vietnam, North Korea, Madagascar and Nicaragua. Equinix has hosted employee volunteer events in the Bay Area and Singapore, and at our annual employee offsites in Dallas, Texas, Carmel, California. and Las Vegas, Nevada  ̶  recruiting 3,052 volunteers to package a total of 495,264 meals since 2015. To date, we’ve contributed $217,115 in corporate and employee donations to Rise Against Hunger.

Bridging the global digital divide with World Pulse

World Pulse is an award-winning social network connecting women worldwide for change. By harnessing the power of technology, they help create a world — both online and off — where women unite to share resources, launch movements, start businesses, run for office and courageously tell their stories.

Equinix first connected with World Pulse in 2015. We were moved by World Pulse’s commitment to advancing gender equity through its global social network. Our partnership with World Pulse includes more than $215,000 donated to fund World Pulse grants, employee volunteer programs, and networking. We’ve also invited Equinix employees to log on and volunteer as Encouragers for the women of World Pulse through lunchtime volunteer events. To date, 154 members of our Equinix Women Leaders Network, which connects women through a network of mutual support that fosters personal and professional development, have volunteered with World Pulse.

Along the way, our work with World Pulse has inspired employees to engage in important conversations around equity and women’s leadership.

Our most recent grant of $50,000 was dedicated to growing the organization’s Digital Ambassador training program with a goal of educating 10,000 additional women and girls on digital empowerment tools in more than 30 countries worldwide. Funds will support World Pulse community management, training, technological support, materials and honorariums for regional trainers.

Solar de Meninos

Since 2018, Equinix employees in Brazil have partnered with Solar de Meninos, a non-profit organization in Rio de Janeiro dedicated to providing comprehensive education and access to culture, sports, health care, and social services for residents of Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo  ̶  two communities experiencing high rates of poverty and social disruption. The organization provides full-time education to more than 400 students aged 3-18.

In 2019, employees gathered to assemble 65 kits of supplies and encouraging notes for students, and later that year, during Equinix’s annual Equinix Impact Month, Thiago Palmiera (Sales Support), volunteered to read to young children.

“It was amazing how they remembered all the details and asked the most unusual questions. Amid lots of improvisation and shouting, the kids were able to help João and Maria stop Magno the Magnificent from tearing down Equinix Tower and taking control of all of the kingdom’s means of communication. It was a great experience,” Thiago said.

To date, Equinix has donated more than $30,000 to support Solar de Meninos’ crucial programs. Most recently, Equinix employees in Rio de Janeiro facilitated an Equinix Impact Grant of $7,000 to support the creation of a “maker space” to give students the opportunity to get creative and learn about technology in a hands-on way.

Empowering Aspirations in India: EWLN and Shadhika

  • Since beginning our partnership, Equinix and Equinix employees have contributed $70,752 including company match and grants
  • In 2019, we:
    • Sponsored 127 girls for 1 year of tutoring and 50 girls in the Girls Writes pen pal program
    • Donated 113 “Girl Positive” books to the Baale Mane Library

Our Collective Impact (2015 – 2019)


Employee Service


(employee contributions, corporate match & grants)


Global Charities


Bikes & Sweet Cases
Assembled for Foster Youth


Employee-led Theatrical
Productions Raising $30,000
in Donations


Miles Ran, Biked, Walked
in Global 50k Challenge


Hygeine Kits Assembled for
the Homeless & Veterans


Meals Packaged for
Families in Need

Our Equinix Impact Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our social impact programs span a range of activities that align with the UN SDG goals. We track our employee volunteer hours and monetary donations, in addition to the corporate match.

SDG #SDG CategoryVolunteer Hours
Volunteer  Hours
1No Poverty1175$64,750$108,403
2Zero Hunger21764315$109,475$306,902
3Good Health and Wellbeing5423059$185,425$658,698
4Quality Education24928326$355,485$956,842
6Clean Water and Sanitation2323$17,435$23,583
8Decent Work and Economic Growth3212145$162,061$300,658
10Reduced Inequalities30872$3,153$15,980
11Sustainable Cities and Communities351010314$315,467$956,334
15Life on Land13893192$39,132$139,316
16Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions60412$10,799$57,647