Our Commitments

Over the last few years, we have evolved our strategy to promote opportunities for our employees to feel a sense of belonging at Equinix. Part of this means creating an environment where they are free to express their unique strengths and perspectives, and pursue any opportunity before them. Our objectives of gender parity, and worker safety support this, and have expanded each year. We recently initiated a formal diversity, inclusion and belonging program (DIB) on top of our existing efforts. Our human capital commitment enables a culture for all employees to fully experience, “I’m safe, I belong and I matter,” each and every day.

I’m Safe

Our global programs ensure that safety – both physical and psychological – in our data centers and offices is a top focus even as we grow. We want our data centers and workplaces to continue to be safe places to work for all our employees.

I Belong

It is important for everyone at Equinix to know that they belong, they are part of a bigger purpose, valued for their unique contributions and proud to work at Equinix. We are continually looking to extend and deepen our culture of inclusivity and belonging.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

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I Matter

At Equinix our people are our greatest asset and we want our employees to build meaningful careers at Equinix

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