Building Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

At Equinix, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a workplace where our employees feel they are safe, they belong, and they matter. A diverse and inclusive workplace generates divergent thinking, innovation and strong business outcomes. We believe that success is sustained through robust Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) practices that are embedded into the work we do.

In 2022, we focused on improving global consistency of our DIB strategy while understanding the need for regional differences. Our inclusion-driven strategy tracks the progress of concrete representation metrics against aspirational representation goals, and we have incorporated accountability and transparency. In the spirit of transparency, DIB leadership receives quarterly reports on our progress to drive the trajectory of our decisions and the diversity of our company.

Our success relies on a resourceful DIB network where many internal stakeholders play an integral part in embedding diversity, inclusion, and belonging throughout our organization. This network includes the DIB leadership team, the Executive team HR leaders and stakeholders, Equinix employee resource groups, and cross-functional teams.


Equinix remains committed to holding ourselves accountable to our diversity and representation metrics. Our vision is to be an organization that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we operate, and we have set aspirational five-year goals aligned to this vision as follows:

By 2027:

  • Increase representation of women to 30%, globally
  • In the U.S., reach representation of historically marginalized communities that better reflects the U.S. population. As of the July 2021 Census, this number is 13.4% for Black/African American and 19% for Hispanic/Latinx.

In 2022, we continued to make progress against our aspirational five-year diversity goals. We improved gender diversity globally to 25.9% women representation, and in the U.S., increased representation of Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx employees in leadership roles.

Tying Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Outcomes to Executive Compensation

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in how Equinix ties our DIB outcomes to executive compensation for the Vice President level and above.​ In 2022, we implemented a modifier to short-term incentives for senior leaders at the VP level and above based on progress towards our diversity objectives. New criteria, including transformational and inclusive leadership behaviors, were added to our “Grow, Perform, Succeed (GPS)” performance management assessment for VP levels and higher.

Better Understanding Our Workforce

Representation metrics are a key component in our strategy in order to understand the composition and experience of all identity groups of our workforce. In addition to the required employment data collected in each country, our “I Matter” initiative allows our employees to self-identify across a variety of identities including gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. In our first full year collecting data, we are beginning to gain a more accurate understanding of our employee makeup and experiences. For example, to date, the program has a 35% adoption rate, and of those who participated, 5.1% identify as non-Heterosexual and 1.4% identify as non-Cisgender. We anticipate increased participation and insights in the coming year.

Stacked column chart showing global gender diversity of VP positions and above. Men: 69.4 percent in 2021, 69.5 percent in 2022. Women: 30.6 percent in 2021, 30.5 percent in 2022. Footnote: Decline to identify is 0 percent.
Stacked column chart showing global gender diversity between management and non management in 2021 and 2022. Non management men: 75.6 percent in 2021, 73.1 percent in 2022. Non management women: 23.9 percent in 2021, 25.2 percent in 2022. Non management declined to identify: 0.6 percent in 2021, 1.7 percent in 2022. Management and above men: 71.6 percent in 2021, 71.7 percent in 2022. Management and above women: 27.8 percent in 2021, 27.3 percent in 2022. Management and above declined to identify: 0.5 percent in 2021, 1 percent in 2022. Footnote: Management and above includes all employees at the manager level and above.
Doughnut chart showing 2021 breakdown of employee race/ethnicity in the U.S.: 47 percent white, 24.7 percent Asian, 13.2 percent Hispanic/Latinx, 6.3 percent Black/African American, 4.6 percent other, 4.1 percent declined to identify.
Doughnut chart showing 2022 breakdown of employee race/ethnicity in the U.S.: 46.2 percent white, 24.5 percent Asian, 13.7 percent Hispanic/Latinx, 7.2 percent Black/African American, 4.6 percent other, 3.9 percent declined to identify.
Stacked bar chart showing breakdown of management and non management by race/ethnicity in 2021. Management: 53.8 percent white, 29.1 percent Asian, 6 percent Hispanic/Latinx, 3.1 percent Black/African American, 3.7 percent other, 4.4 percent declined to identify. Non Management: 40.9 percent white, 20.6 percent Asian, 19.8 percent Hispanic/Latinx, 9.4 percent Black/African American, 5.5 percent other, 3.9 percent declined to identify. Foootnote 1: Other includes respondents who selected two or more recaes, Native Hawaiian, other Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native. Footnote 2: management includes all employees at the manager to senior director level.
Stacked bar chart showing breakdown of management and non management by race/ethnicity in 2022. Management: 53 percent white, 29.2 percent Asian, 6.9 percent Hispanic/Latinx, 3.2 percent Black/African American, 3.6 percent other, 4.1 percent declined to identify. Non Management: 38.8 percent white, 20.8 percent Asian, 20.2 percent Hispanic/Latinx, 10.9 percent Black/African American, 5.7 percent other, 3.6 percent declined to identify. Foootnote 1: Other includes respondents who selected two or more recaes, Native Hawaiian, other Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native. Footnote 2: management includes all employees at the manager to senior director level.

Equinix’s 2022 Employer Information Report EEO-1 Component 1 is available below and contains the composition of our US employees as outlined by the government’s definitions across race/ethnicity, sex, and specific job categories. This EEO-1 Component 1 report captures only the US portion of our global employee base. 

For a more holistic view of our diverse representation and how we measure across other demographics globally, please refer to the section above. 

Advancing DIB with Partners and Leaders

We are working to build a workforce with leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities and who are empowered to be strong champions for diversity.

Powerful Partnerships

Equinix CEO Charles Meyers serves as a signatory on CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, which is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We extended our partnership with the CEO Action organization through active engagement with our signatory and delegated teams and five employees resources to the CEO Action Fellowship Program. It is through these efforts that Equinix and the CEO Action organization strive to advance policy change at the federal, state and local levels.

By partnering with external thought-leaders, including industry peers, we leverage data and resources that expand our leadership talent. Collaborations with Bright Networks, Hispanics Alliance for Career Enhancement, FORTE, and other organizations connect us with diverse candidates and communities. These partnerships are pivotal in supporting, building and developing diverse leadership.

Also in 2022, Equinix leaders were proud to serve as panelists at the Diversity Woman Media’s “Business Leaders in Tech” conference and the National Diversity and Leadership Conference through our membership with the Alliance for Global Inclusion.

Advancing Mentorship and Sponsorship

Logo of McKinsey Academy To reach our goal of diversity at all levels, from internships through to Board members, Equinix champions a spectrum of mentorship and sponsorship opportunities for our leaders and managers to grow their skills and capabilities. We celebrated several key successes in 2022 that bring us closer to our goal of building a diverse culture.


The McKinsey Connected Leaders Academy is a training program to help organizations make demonstrable progress on inclusion and equity, improve talent pipelines, and unlock the full potential of people within the company. In 2022, the McKinsey Black Leadership Program expanded its U.S. based program to include individuals who identify as members of the Asian and Hispanic/Latinx communities. In total, we enrolled 89 participants.

  • 21 leaders in the U.S. and Europe attended the Black Leadership Academy;
  • 18 leaders attended the Hispanic/Latinx Leadership Academy; and,
  • 52 leaders participated in the Asian Leadership Academy.

Graduates highlighted the themes of critical thinking​, continuing to invest in their own development, and confidence in taking the initiative to advocate for themselves ​following the program. They valued connecting with leaders from the same community and applying the tools they learned in the program to their roles at Equinix. ​

Supporting Our Allies

Image of John Amaechi's book, The Promises of Giants, with a quote - That everyone has the ability to act decisively to influence the world in a positive way. Everyone is a giant to someone. Our Allies Council, a unique leadership initiative of over 60 senior Equinix leaders, advocates for the education and promotion of gender and racial equity. In 2022, we sponsored over 30 executives through Allies Council training. Our “Foundations” group participated in discussions covering aspects of equity, including understanding bias, “calling in and calling out,” and allyship behavior, among other topics. Our Gender Equity group focused on gender bias, intersectionality, and understanding imposter syndrome, while our Racial Equity group learned about “white fragility.”


Among other events in 2022, Allies Council participants attended a fireside chat with thought leader and organizational psychologist, John Amaechi, and Equinix CEO Charles Meyers, who discussed DIB accountability as a requisite for inclusive leadership.

Expanding Mentor Program Training

In 2022, the Allies Council continued its partnership with our employee resource groups known internally as our Equinix Employee Connection Networks (EECNs), through a reverse mentorship program. Each pairing created opportunities to learn and share lived experiences with the intent to create transformational leaders. The program enabled not only leaders to examine their leadership with a different lens, but it also widened their perspective to model inclusive leadership.

Equinix Employee Resource Groups

Equinix’s employee resource groups, known internally as our Equinix Employee Connection Networks (EECNs), are internal community groups open to all employees, formed around an identity that is historically marginalized, and/or shares unique challenges. They serve to enhance employee experience, foster inclusion, promote cultural awareness and strengthen the business. Each employee-led EECN includes an executive sponsor, a leadership team and regional ambassadors to engage members and spearhead activities and events that elevate broader perspectives on a global scale. One of the most sustainable modes of inspiring connection within local communities and attracting talent is through our nine EECNs. They are integral to how we do business.

Throughout 2022, in partnership with the DIB leadership team, our EECNs participated in listening sessions to amplify community-specific feedback and recommendations to build awareness and education across the business. These efforts will continue to evolve DIB programs and initiatives at Equinix.



Expand, Elevate, Empower

The mission of BlackConnect is to increase Equinix’s inclusion, innovation and impact by expanding, empowering and elevating Black employees and allies around the globe.



Educate, Empower, Embrace

ConnectAbilities seeks to foster an inclusive environment for colleagues of all abilities, empowering the disability, chronic illness, neurodivergent and caregiver communities to realize their full potential by advocating to remove barriers while supporting creative new approaches to work.



Invite, Learn, Respect

Mission is to inspire a culture of learning and respect for all faiths, non-faiths and worldviews in the workplace. Through educational events and initiatives, FaithConnect strives to lay a foundation of belonging and holistic wellbeing at Equinix. By celebrating spiritual diversity, employees can bring their whole authentic self to work—faith, non-faith, worldviews and all.



Encourage, Develop, Enhance

GenteConnect​ exists to promote Hispanic and Latino languages, culture and heritage, and has a mission to increase the diversity, inclusion, innovation, and business impact of Equinix by expanding, empowering, and elevating Latino/Hispanic employees alongside allies around the globe.



Inspire, Celebrate, Elevate

Mission is to unite the experiences, perspectives and voices of employees who identify as being a part of the pan-Asian and Pacific Islander diaspora and allies, at Equinix, to inspire community outreach and personal growth, celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion and elevate leaders for career development and advancement to further the business impact and reach of Equinix.



Engage, Advocate, Partner

Equinix PrideConnect creates a supportive, positive space for dialogue, learning and allyship. Our goal is to bring people together to connect, have conversations and learn from each other and to ensure that Equinix is a leading employer for the LGBTQ community.



Belong, Unite, Empower

VetConnect’s mission is to create a space for those with military ties to feel safe and belong while uniting resources for the continued empowerment and improvement through all functions, whether personally or professionally.​

Women Leaders Network


Promote, Connect, Empower

The Equinix Women Leaders Network (EWLN) is a network of women pursuing growth, visibility and opportunities to increase business impact.

Young Professionals Connect


Belong, Invest, Develop

The aim is to create an inclusive culture where those new to career feel they belong to a global community. All ages are encouraged to join, and through generational diversity, they aim to create a platform where young professionals and allies can broaden their network and invest in their career development in Equinix.

EECN-Led Events

Our EECNs help create the culture of inclusion and belonging that is so important to us. In 2022, we continued to create opportunities for learning about various identities and cultures through our employee-led initiatives. A few include:

Image of multiple side view headshot silhouettes with text - Hidden in Plain Sight: A personal reflection during Black History Month.


As part of Black History Month, BlackConnect hosted “Hidden in Plain Sight,” with over 400 participants

Image of a ConnectAbilities Zoom background wallpaper.


Launched with a powerful kick-off also attended by over 400 people.

Graphic of a Lunar New Year card with a tiger and text - Wishing my Equinix family happy lunar new year. May this new year bring you good health and good fortune.

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year was celebrated jointly with interASIANconnect & BlackConnect.

Panelist during a Equinix Women Leaders Network virtual event.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was celebrated with a day-long slate of panels and conversations led by Equinix Women Leaders Network (EWLN) including participation from both our CEO and CHRO.

WeConnect: Connecting Us Across the Globe

Three participants attending Equinix's third WeConnect event virtually.

Over 3,000 participants took part in our third WeConnect event, a 24-hour, virtual and in-person event led by our EECNs. This special event sought to create a sense of belonging by providing a platform for different Equinix communities to express themselves and to celebrate our shared humanity through wellbeing and service. One highlight event included training on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (SOGIE).

Inclusion and Belonging Made Local

Equinix recognizes that creating the best workplace and culture requires a global effort with localized approaches. In 2020, we launched teams called “WeAreEquinix” (WRE), whose aim is to create and promote purpose, belonging, service, sustainability and fun for their locations across the world. They also provide Equinix with a more holistic view into the unique happenings across our global business and help build culture and community, locally.

WRE is a unique mechanism for employees to take leadership roles at their local sites and to support a workplace where employees can say, “I’m safe, I belong, and I matter.” With over 250 volunteers, WRE groups proudly support teams in 35+ locations.

In 2022, WRE teams sought to better understand how to scale the program. Over a six-month period, team members met with colleagues around the globe, conducted benchmarking research with seven other multi-national organizations, and held an in-person workshop with program and regional leaders. As a result, we created a new vision, priority actions and a three-year strategy to drive impact with our WRE program. We envision a strong future for the WRE program, with global and local offerings that encourage engagement and community-building opportunities.

WeAreEquinix Locations and Impact


Photo of a welcome card with text - Welcome to #Women in tech.

Australia held beach cleanups, a blood drive and a Women in Tech event.

Three images showing employees in Singapore participating in a waterway cleanup via kayaking.

Singapore held a waterway cleanup, organized a woodworking Impact event, celebrated Diwali, and went on a team bike ride.


Equinix employees planting a Zen garden.

The WRE Virginia team presented to over 300 children about data centers and Equinix, planted a Zen garden, packed 300 boxes of food donations, and celebrated Oktoberfest.

Equinix employees participating in a bicycle event, Tour de Cure.

WeAreEquinix Bay Area rode for “Tour de Cure,” held a welcome back party and walked to end domestic violence and human trafficking.


Toys were distributed to an orphanage for Ukrainian families.

Netherlands donated old but working laptops to the WOW Amsterdam hostel which is hosting 200 refugees from Ukraine. With the donation, shelter residents are now able to easily access information, continue their education online, search for a new job and stay connected with their families. A similar donation was made by the UK to Ethiopia to help communities that are recovering from uprisings and other day-to-day struggles to help them get back on their feet.

WeAreEquinix France supported the build of EquiSchool in Benin through multiple volunteer activities, and the school is now open!

Amplifying Voices

We seek to provide opportunities for many voices to be heard, and that intention is met through these unique platforms:

Days of Understanding

Our third annual event, held over three days, included over 2,100 employees participating in small group conversations about inclusion. Post-event survey responses note that 95% of employees would recommend participating in future Days of Understanding sessions.

Graphic of animated people from diverse backgrounds with text reading - Days of Understanding.

“Super unique and special experience to open up the space for listening and being heard – please keep it coming!”

-Employee in Americas region

“I was humbled by how open and vulnerable people were and this shows me that the environment we create is one where people truly feel safe. I feel very inspired and uplifted by the experience.”

-Employee in EMEA region

“It’s my first DOU…I wasn’t sure what to expect; however, I am very pleased to find that Equinix and the top executives really walk the talk. I look forward to the next Days of Understanding and will encourage my peers to take part in this valuable initiative.”

-Employee in Asia-Pacific region

Nothing Left Unsaid:

We continued our blog series, created early in 2020, to openly discuss some of the hardest challenges employees face such as stress, loss and disconnection. Authored by Equinix employees from all levels and around the world, this year featured stories about Holocaust Remembrance Day and deportation. A post titled “A Mother’s Loss” featured an employee’s experience stillbirth that deeply resonated with employees.

What This Day Means to Me:

Woman with text - What this day means to me. International day of people with disabilities. During this series, employees celebrated important days such as International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month​, Seder Night, Santos Populares and Navratri.

Achievements in Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

We are proud to be seen as a leader in DIB. The following list of external achievements reflects our commitment for building a diverse and inclusive culture of belonging:


in Religious Equity ​Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index ​


Award on the Stonewall Global Index​

Top 100

JUST Capital 2022 for Workforce Equity & Mobility Ranking


within the Real Estate Industry in JUST Capital’s 2022 Workforce Equity & Mobility Ranking

Nareit ReitWorks

Invited to participate at the conference on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging ​

Attracting and Developing our Talent

Read more about our continually evolving talent acquisition process supporting the attraction and hiring of candidates from historically marginalized communities.