I’m Safe

Culture & Values

We believe every employee should have psychological safety. This means being free to speak their minds, share their unique perspectives, not be paralyzed by fear of mistakes, and know other people care about them, and they can trust those in positions of power. Our culture is at the heart of our success. It is our people, who share a passion for winning and put the customer at the center of everything, that creates the Magic of Equinix.

Safe Workplaces

At our IBX data centers, we comply with all local, state and country safety regulations. We have a Global Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Standard Policy that ensures that Equinix conducts all business activities in a responsible manner,. This means being free from recognized hazards the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and community neighbors, and complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations of countries, states, provinces and communities where we operate. It also means committing ourselves to continuous improvement in all corporate health and safety operations including within our IBX data centers. In addition, most of our EMEA IBX data centers are certified to OHSAS 18001, the occupational health and safety standard, and this year (2019), we are transitioning to ISO 45001 – the new international occupational health and safety standard for every EMEA IBX. data center. To achieve these standards, companies must demonstrate that they are controlling and improving safety. Safety within our IBX data centers is our top priority, as most safety risks apply within those sites.

In our offices, workplace safety starts with the physical space. In 2018, one area of progress included office design with wellbeing in mind, specifically creating office environments that maximize access to light, incorporate plants and nature, and provide gathering areas for community -building. Our Brazil office is a good example of a new type of workspace that has positively affected worker wellbeing.

Compensation & Benefits

As we better understand how adding options for financial security increases an employee’s sense of stability – an important element of wellbeing – we’ve focused on our total compensation programs. Starting in 2018, our U.S. employees now can save beyond their normal Pre-Tax or Roth 401(k) contributions. Equinix is one of a handful of U.S. companies to make this benefit available to their employees. The new After-Tax Contribution with Roth In-Plan Conversion is a significant benefit for those interested in maximizing their savings. Implemented in October 2018, this program allows our employees to save past the IRS limit of $18,500 with Pre-Tax or Roth contributions to the limit of $55,000, with an After-Tax option.


Developed in 2016, “EquiLife Connect,” our ongoing U.S. Wellbeing Program from Virgin Pulse, is a fun, free online program to help our employees reach their health goals and earn up to $300 in rewards along the way.  It’s a great way to inspire our employees to eat well, sleep better, be more active, manage stress and more.

In 2018, our employees tracked 1.7 Billion (1,769,737,488) steps, with 8,086 as the average daily step count. This is up from the 2017 average daily step count of 7,785.

Below are some examples of what programs our employees engaged in:


Employees participated in
a personal activity


Employees utilize the physical
activity dashboard tracking
steps or physical activity


Employees utilize the
sleep module


Employees utilize the
nutrition dashboard

Learn about other ways Equinix’s employees facilitate Being Well in the Community: